The Return of the Education Blog!

I had fully intended for the education blog to be integrated into the new, expanded, Liberty Blog, but 6 months later I’ve decided that Education needs to have its own place again. This will again be a place we can share information about what’s going on in education in America. Common Core is a threat to education and the liberty of the people.

It will hopefully also be a place where Home School ideas can flourish as well!

To kick things off – Here is a great story to get you up on what’s going on with Common Core these days.

And here is a story that could be a cross-blog story (With the 212 Science Blog)about teaching evolution in the schools. Personally I’d really want to review a text that presented creationism – because while I definitely believe in it, I think it can be explained in ways that aren’t very scientific. There are very scientific advocates of creationism and the science of the topic is what needs to be taught in a science class. The Truth of scripture should be taught alongside, but is not intended as science text.

Reading Darwin’s own words is pretty much enough to show people how lame his theory is. We don’t have to avoid the theory of evolution, we just need to let the children know it’s a theory, and not even a very good one. Maybe they will grow up to be scientists who actually search for the truth, rather than try defend the atheist religion of Darwin.

Forcing girls to role-play as a lesbians (and more)

In New York (no surprise – except that it’s not NY City) They are making 13 yr old girls pretend to be lesbians on a date, and ask another girl to kiss them. The officials are denying that they are telling middle school boys to carry condoms at all times.

I just don’t think I’ll ever go back into a public school. (Especially not in Oakland.) She’s an 8th grader.

Here’s what some college kids think pass as a good idea?

And they won’t let you speak at a college if you criticize Obama. Even if you are (or possibly especially if you are) Black.

Making your stick figures black is racist?

Another example why Common Core will be a disaster

This new set of Science Standards will require students to be well versed in Global Warming and other politically motivated pseudo-science theories. In other words, if you want to get a good score on your ACT or SAT in the future you have to be brainwashed by the leftist agenda first. Nice.

What’s funny is, I guarantee she’s not alone in this

Teacher forces students in her college class to sign a pledge to vote for Obama. At least she was finally fired – although it will probably get overturned on appeal knowing our education system on the basis she was just doing her civic duty.

There is a time and a place for honest political discussion – especially among adults and those approaching voting age. There is no place for indoctrination – especially math class.

Another quick cleanup …

Sometimes life just gets too busy, then I don’t have time to write new posts, and the stories I want to talk about build up, then I forget or I think, “Oh, that was a few days ago – it’s old news,” or whatever.

I’ve decided that what I need to do is occasionally just sweep the deck, but not into the circular file, I’ll just put together a quick post with links to stories I wanted to talk about but didn’t have time.  This way, I will have content on a more regular basis, even if I don’t get to comment on it.

I just hate the thought of these stories just evaporating and never receiving any attention in my family. So here’s my next attempt:

This college is not alone – it’s attitudes have just become well documented. (Hey at least it’s not a Common Core story)

Margaret Thatcher is one of the greatest leaders of this century. How can college students not have even heard of her? If you are among them, after you spank your own but, REALLY HARD, find out. Maybe you’ll find something about here on my blog somewhere!

Connecticut is teaching the kids that the 2nd Amendment does not give citizens the right to bear arms? IDIOTS!

Would schools force kids to make propaganda posters? Stupid idea, right. Funny I wrote about it in my book. Of course in my book they are down to elementary school kids, but it’s the same concept.

Fascism requires the support of huge business and the creation of monopolies. The ones that get on board first are most likely to survive.

Defending Homeschooling is Racist?

People pay huge bucks to have their kids taught this crap?

20 minutes well spent…

I know 20 minutes can be a long time for some people, but please watch it. You just might find yourself looking for more of his videos.

This video will give you much to think about. I have always believed much of what he says, but I’ve only recently thought it was time to do something about it, or that regular people could do it. People who question the educatrats (education bureaucrats) are always maligned. Well, it’s about time we all took control of the education of our children back away from the State and the teacher unions!