The Return of the Education Blog!

I had fully intended for the education blog to be integrated into the new, expanded, Liberty Blog, but 6 months later I’ve decided that Education needs to have its own place again. This will again be a place we can share information about what’s going on in education in America. Common Core is a threat to education and the liberty of the people.

It will hopefully also be a place where Home School ideas can flourish as well!

To kick things off – Here is a great story to get you up on what’s going on with Common Core these days.

And here is a story that could be a cross-blog story (With the 212 Science Blog)about teaching evolution in the schools. Personally I’d really want to review a text that presented creationism – because while I definitely believe in it, I think it can be explained in ways that aren’t very scientific. There are very scientific advocates of creationism and the science of the topic is what needs to be taught in a science class. The Truth of scripture should be taught alongside, but is not intended as science text.

Reading Darwin’s own words is pretty much enough to show people how lame his theory is. We don’t have to avoid the theory of evolution, we just need to let the children know it’s a theory, and not even a very good one. Maybe they will grow up to be scientists who actually search for the truth, rather than try defend the atheist religion of Darwin.

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