What are your children being taught?

It’s bad enough thsocialistflag1at our children are being brainwashed with the religion of Darwin, and the myths surrounding global warming (Look for upcoming articles in my Science blog on these) and singing songs to our beloved leader, but they are also being encouraged to design new socialism/communist flags for America and being taught that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism. Idiots!

For the love of all that’s good and holy – HOME SCHOOL YOUR KIDS! Or at the very least get them out of the government schools, and into one that will reinforce your beliefs, not turn them into little robots like in Agenda 21.

The hypocracy of the college campus – no big surprise.

College campuses are supposed to be bastions of intellectual freedom and free thought – unless of course you aren’t an atheist or a socialist/communist.

Colleges who constantly fight for rights to have women only schools and black only organizations, and constantly support the vile racism of La Raza on campus, are trying to ban christian clubs, because they want their members to be … Christians! (Oh the horror!)

This of course is not unexpected – this type of thing happens too frequently. I just get sick people who claim to be open and tolerant because they give special treatment to gays and minorities, who turn around and ban conservative clubs or Christians because they are “intolerant.”

I don’t know if I can post this in enough places!

We must fight against Agenda 21.

Glenn Beck and The Blaze talk about it here.

The thing that’s funny to me, is that if you’ve read my book, you knew all this over 20 years ago. Even in the earliest versions of it, (written around 1990-1991) this stuff was basically the basis – even if I didn’t know what to call it then.

I’m thinking I’m going to post my book at my other blog, after a new post Obama re-election edit. Look for it soon.

If you don’t know why this belongs on an education blog, you better pull your head out of the sand!