Our Latest Battle – Critical Race Theory

Here is good article to get you started if you aren’t familiar with Critical Race Theory. James Lindsay is not a conservative but he, along with plenty of people on both sides (There really is no “middle” these days), of the political spectrum are speaking up about this. He has written a lot of good stuff including Cynical Theories, with Helen Pluckrose. Activist Scholarship (and the useful idiots in k-12 education) are seriously making progress into destroying this country and freedom worldwide along with it.

Here are some places you can go to see what’s going on, and to join groups who are fighting. 

You need to join to get some of the information, but the point of this movement is to get parents involved and to be able to join together and talk to each other to make defend our children.

Parents Defending Education (DefendingEd.org)

No Left Turn   (NoLeftTurn.us)

FAIR at School – FAIR  (FairForAll.org)

Undoctrinate.org – Confronting Classroom Activism  (Undoctrinate.org)

Heterodox Academy  (heterodoxacademy.org)

WhatAreTheyLearning: Politicized Curriculum In K-12 Schools (WhatAreTheyLearning.com)

For a great place to get tons of material on many subjects (especially in short video format) go to  Home | PragerU (PragerU.com). To get involved in saving our kids join PREP at PragerU Educators & Parents  (PragerU.com/prep). Also there are great resources for your kids to watch.

Want to find more?  Look around the Internet – search parents against critical theory at DuckDuckGo


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